Location and Area of Operation

Artisans and Artists' headquarters are in the South West of England. The showroom / studio is housed in an historic Grade II Listed building. The company provides property development and interior design services, including full project management and project accounting services, locally, nationally and internationally. To date the team have carried out / are working on projects in Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Bath, the Cotswolds, London, Marrakech and Mallorca.

Client Base

Property development and interior design experience covers private residences and high-end commercial spaces. Clients look to the company for their depth of experience and breadth of skills coupled with robust project management capability in property development and for differentiated interiors where they seek imaginative results combined with superior quality, a timeless appeal and value for money. Clients properties are often of significant historical importance.


The team are developing another property (The Old Smithy) in Ashburton in Devon in order to provide expanded design studio space as an adjunct to the existing showroom / studio.








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